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Global strategies for local needs

The automotive industry faces a variety of challenges. The trend towards individualization and customization has resulted in a wider variety of models, shorter innovation cycles and new manufacturing processes.

At the same time, global competition places manufacturers under rising cost, quality and time pressure. To succeed in this competitive market, automotive players are looking to extend their reach, at the same time leveraging internal and external corporate communications for greater visibility on foreign markets


                                    ___ Proven expertise

Capella & McGrath has been providing services to companies across the automobile industry for over ten years. Our customer base includes manufacturers such as AUDI, BMW and Caterpillar, as well as specialist suppliers such as W.E.T Automotive Systems, the world’s leading producer of car seat heaters.

Our expertise extends beyond technical content (such as engines, components, materials testing) to cover every link in the global value chain of the automobile industry, ensuring professional handling of everything from trade fair communications and accessory catalogs to newsletters and printed advertisements.

As a member of LISA (Localization Industry Standards Association), Capella & McGrath ensures the highest standards of quality by implementing internationally recognized localization and quality assurance procedures. The company is certified to DIN 2345.



Service packages

Our offering is modular, enabling us to bundle the service components and packages best suited to the needs of your company. Click on the links below to find out how Capella & McGrath can speed the success of your multilingual communication efforts.

Software Localization
Web Localization

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